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Writing Capsized!

Nonfiction writing begins with reading. An author needs to read everything she can find about her topic. That means books, newspapers, magazines, and transcripts. You need lots of sticky notes, highlighters, and determination.

It helps to have a coach or teacher along the way. My faculty advisor at Hamline University, author Claire Rudolf Murphy, sent back my first draft. It looked like this. I had a lot of work to do!


But by the end of the semester, it was ready to send to a publisher, and Chicago Review Press wanted my story. Hurray!

After months and months of revisions, and searching for the images you want to include in your book, you send it out to the publisher.   

Your production editor sends it back with...more editing. 

Then one day, a package arrives. You get to see your designed and typeset pages.

Oh, and there are still more edits!

You are almost there. The design  work is beautiful. In a few months, you will be published.


In the meantime, you can't stop clicking on Amazon to see your book available for preorder.  You can go there by clicking the button below. 

Capsized! took over two years to write and publish and it was worth every minute! 

You can write nonfiction, too. It all starts with reading about topics that interest you.

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