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  • Kirkus Starred Review: Best Middle-Grade Books of 2018
  • NYPL: Best Books for Kids 2018
  • CYBILS: Finalist Jr. High Nonfiction
  • NCSS/CBC: Notable Social Studies Trade Books 2019
           "A true disaster story rivetingly told."
                                                     -Kirkus Review
On July 24, 1915, as the SS Eastland made final preparations to transport factory workers and their families to the Western Electric employee picnic, the ship capsized in the Chicago River while still moored to the pier. 844 people died. The disaster took more passenger lives than the Titanic and stands today as the greatest loss of life on the Great Lakes. 

Capsized! The Forgotten Story of the SS Eastland Disaster details the events leading up to the fateful day of the disaster and provides a minute-by-minute account of the ship's capsizing. 

 Capsized! is middle grade narrative nonfiction, using eyewitness accounts to tell the story of the 844 that died that day.

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